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Yoga Therapy

One-on-one. Yoga techniques are adapted to individua client's needsl to help relieve chronic discomfort and to manage pain.

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Private, Semi-Private, or Group QiGong

Meditation in motion and stillness. Harmonizes, strengthens and improves the
function of all internal organs and bodily systems. 60 mins.

Guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra

Deeply rest and rejuvenate the body, allow the mind chatter to slow down and clarity to arise. During Yoga Nidra you enter a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping which is healing. 60 mins.

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Reiki Energy Healing

Relax and restore energetic imbalances. 60 mins.

Sound Meditation

Bathe in healing sonic vibrations: Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls,
Gong & Chimes. 75 mins.

Reiki & Sound Meditation

Enjoy the combination and let-go. 75 mins.

Amethyst Bio-Mat® Treatment

Provides warmth and relaxation from far infrared light. Reduces stress, relieves pain, relaxes muscles, and increases circulation.(FDA approved.). 30 mins. with soothing music or add to another service.

Special Classes

Your Five Rites

Learn a short powerful Yoga practice to gain strength, energy, and vitality, based on the ancient Tibetan Five Rites. You’ll receive a hand-out for home practice. 60 mins.
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Golden Seed

This dynamic Taoist Yoga sequence is intended to help deepen your yoga practice energetically. For more information click here.

Yoga for Bone Strength

Learn specific yoga postures and techniques that are good for your bones and why.
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Pelvic Floor & Core Yoga

Learn specific yoga postures and techniques that help women gain control and get better connected down under. For more information click here.

Joint Freeing for Arthritis Relief

Build tone and flexibility while increasing joint mobility. A short full body practice. For more information click here.

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